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The images you see look like they have sprung from a fairy tale. Seventy thousand hectares of orchard vegetation in Drama, an amazing natural park where spruce dominates and the trees reach up to 65 meters in height!

The forest of Elatia or "Karadere" is an "authentic and unique museum of nature"! The area of Elatia until the time of Emphylio was an extensive pasture, where up to 700,000 goats and sheep were grazing. The departure of the flocks alone was enough to thicken the forest with forest pine. Of course, they also helped the many wild boars that, digging the land with their muzzle, facilitated and accelerated the installation of forest pine.

Kara Dere is on the intersection of the Mid-European and Mediterranean climate zones, with the spruce (Picea abies) at its southernmost spreading boundary. It is a type of fir tree that is found mainly in scandinavian countries, but in Greece we will find it only here.

These are the tallest trees that can be found in our country, their height exceeds 50 meters and reaches up to 60 or even 65 meters. Its form is very characteristic, creating with its branches and needles hanging downward fringes. Its bark is used in tanning and its resin is known as Burgundy resin.

It is the only forest with birches in Greece, it is the beeches, the oaks, the black pines, the chestnut trees, the maples, the cedars, the hedges, the alder, the anchovies, the wild roses, the blueberries, the forest pine etc.

The forest pine tree is also found only here. It is a towering tree with a completely vertical trunk that brings color to the tile and has small pine nuts. Its huge biodiversity (flora and fauna) makes Elatia a unique natural park and an ornament for the region of Drama.

Until 1944 the area was almost naked because of the intense livestock farming and only in places, in the inaccessible areas, there were forested parts. The area was a summer meadow of Sarakatsani tselingata.

The withdrawal of the tselingata after 1944 and the reduction of human activities until 1974 resulted in the natural reforestation of the area, which continues even today.

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Description Camp


Imagine: You are in the middle of nowhere, where it is usually one of the most beautiful spots on the map, around you everything makes the holiday experience so unique: mountain biking, steep themed buildings, vast spruce forests, remote bridges and everything else natural that is not in our daily field of view. Then you sit with the rest of your riders – friends among a rich and absolutely really tasty food, you get a cold beer and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

And of course, you just had a fantastic day by bike.

Elatia Camp is our diamond, hosting fantastic environmental ecosystems and wonderful landscapes. We conquer the unique environment of Kara Dere, we cross its famous trails, we ride to pastures and huge forests, we capture with our eyes the waters in the area of Mavro Rema, and all this with the mountain bike.

We want you to experience all this in two (2) days and in order to achieve this and to make you feel better, we will spend the night this time in a special place, discovering different aspects of the Rhodope mountains. Your holiday time is extremely valuable and we want to be absolutely sure that we can make the most of this time – finding/choosing the perfect mountain biking adventure for you.



Riders program


Friday - Arrival (optional)

Day #0


If there are participants traveling from far away they have the option to attend and spend the night at the camp site one day before the scheduled date. Our team will be on site no later than 7:00 PM.

Those riders who do NOT choose to attend one day before either because they do not wish or are not able to do so, the mandatory arrival time is set from Saturday and is 12:00 am.

Saturday - Tsakalos 22 KM / 620 M

Day #1


12:00: Άφιξη συμμετεχόντων

12:30: Setting up personal tents

13:30: Preparing for Route 1

17:00: Arrival at the camp

17:30: Dinner

19:00: Bicycle operation check

Sunday - Mavro Rema 27 KM / 650 M

Day #2


8:00: Breakfast

10:00: Route 2

12:00: Break and refueling

12:30: Continuation of route 2 – Return to the camp

14:00: Dinner

15:00: Area evaluation and suggestions for improvement

16:00: Departure