Price: 360€


Skill Level: 3-4/5

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4 DAYS / 3 nights


4-8 riders


Our Trail Network

Riding to our Trail Network

With the initiative to start a new project of opening and cleaning trails beyond the park and to expand our activity, a year ago we started the works in the areas Taxiarches, Dentrakia, Livadero, Tzami creating a larger network of trails that would connect with the park.

Observing the great enthusiasm of all of us we want to project these natural, enchanting places, with the proud trails, these landscapes with huge possibilities and incredible experiences… possibilities that go beyond the imagination for the images that the eye stores and experiences that require to discover all riders, to create new kisses and relationships between people and in order to trigger all of us to more people to enjoy special and carefree moments that were previously unknown to them.

Tour Highlights



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Each of the four areas is an exciting destination for year-round mountain biking. It is a house for fun excursions, enjoyable descents and proud trails.

This tour includes a variety of areas, exploring local trails and connecting - crossing neighboring villages. The route will be specially adapted for you, to enjoy the adventure. Believe us, adventure will be on the menu!

We make an appointment at the hotel where we will start our journey to the first area, the village of Dentrakia. About Dentrakia village, it is said to be a legend, one of the most picturesque places in Drama, with great beauty and a lot of chestnuts!

We will encounter particularly beautiful landscapes, in places that are left untouched by the benefits of culture, wild but easily accessible mountains, green hills and huge beeches will be transformed into our playground. The downhill is an important milestone when it comes to breathtaking fun, it will be exactly as we hope, as it should be an epic descent.

After the ride, a meal and cold beers will be waiting for us in the church of “St. Eleftheriou ”at the crossroads of the village. Get used to it, it will continue for the remaining three days…

Ride distance: 17-20km

Good morning, we will be waiting for you down at breakfast and a wonderful day of mountain biking begins. On the second day we ride to the village of Livadero, a destination that does not seem to be often overlooked. Fun descents on every trail and panoramic views of every peak, this area will offer you an experience you will never forget.

In a welcoming and delicious meal with local beers, we will see the detailed program for the next two days of unforgettable mountain biking.

Ride distance: 25-27km

Third day riding, words are useless, the location speaks for itself!

At an altitude of 619 meters, at a steep point of the valley of Makriplagi, an old construction site of the Forest Service is built and abandoned at the same time. It took its name years ago, where in this vast green meadow with the waters accompanying it, it was the reference point, the meeting point of all the villages of the region.

Tzami is a paradise of trails, something you can only believe if you "try" it.

Ride distance: 25-30km

On the last day of the tour we will close the circle, leading to the trails of the park - connecting them with the village Taxiarches. We start with strength and believe us that we will not be disappointed, with the remaining energy reserves, we will attack the last ascent to the church of "Prophet Elias" where we will take the way back through a fun trail, closing the curtain of our tour.

Ride distance: 20-25km