Trail Maintenance


What is your favorite trail and why? It is probably a place that enchants you. A trail with a beautiful continuous flow. From the sights you see and the overall experience it offers you! Whether you want to take a walk with your family or live the ultimate experience. This is the trail we all want!

In most cases, your favorite path didn't just appear. Ideally, it was cleaned, carefully designed and built to provide a route that would cause as little inconvenience as possible to the natural environment and local species – and, of course, prevent you from getting lost in the woods – and becoming its next user.

That’s why regular maintenance of a trail is so important. Maintaining it is a huge part of our effort. While the work varies, the goal is always the same: to keep the trail in a safe, sustainable state of operation – with the primary purpose of the respect we all must show for nature.



We are constantly receiving questions from riders asking how they can contribute to the maintenance of the trails. With your support you can directly contribute to their ongoing maintenance.

What do I gain?


You will feel a mental pleasure, knowing that it helps to keep our network of trails open. By helping us in this work, you show your trust, recognizing our daily effort.

Be a Volunteer