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Anyone who chooses this heavenly part of Rhodope for their vacation, will make sure that this is not an ordinary advertisement. Because perhaps there is no person who felt the warm embrace of the thermal, mineral water in the local pools, felt the fresh aroma that emerges from the Rhodope Mountains and did not want to return again.

Velingrad is a city in Bulgaria and belongs to the province of Pazardjik. It is located at the western end of the Tsepino Valley, in the Rhodope Mountains. It is the administrative center of the homonymous municipality and one of the most popular balneotherapy centers in Bulgaria. There are over 90 thermal springs with healing and preventive properties in and around the city. Along with the many thermal waters, Velingrad also has another natural phenomenon – Kleptouza, the largest karstic spring in Bulgaria with an average outflow of 1200 liters of ice water per second.

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Description Camp


At the third Camp of the season we visit Velingrad to support Bike Area and local fighter Vasil Todev. 

The Bike Area represents worthily and with very dynamic activities the mountain biking scene of Bulgaria with efforts such as the promotion – exploration, cleaning and signaling of their Bulgarian trails and mountains. So to this day they continue to transmit with much love and share with their attitude and admiration the amorphous nature they have next to them, inspiring more and more riders to follow them.

We will ride along with their local guide, we will follow in their footsteps through the local trails of the area - discovering thematically - natural landscapes, abundant water and endless forests. On the second day we will experience the hospitality of traveling by Uplift via Mini bus in the Alabak area at an altitude of 1,600m, where a dream descent awaits us between many trails.

Our camp site at this Camp will be held at Official Camping of the area to feel safe and carefree throughout our vacation, also discovering some new aspects in the world of outdoor camping.

*Possibility to overnight in your personal motorhome or camper van in the Camping area with extra charge.


Riders program

Day one - Saturday 11/06/2022

Day #1


11:00: Good morning

11:15: Arrival of participants

11:30: Departure to Velingrad with our vehicles

15:00: Arrival at the camp area

15:30: Setting up personal tents

16:00: Dinner

17:00: Free time

Day two - Sunday 12/06/2022

Day #2


8:00: Breakfast

10:00: Route 1

13:00: Break and refueling

13:30: Continuation of route 2 – Return to the camp

16:00: Dinner

17:00: Rest

18:00: Access to thermal springs

19:00: Return to the camp

Day three - Monday 13/06/2022

Day #3


8:00: Breakfast

10:00: Uplift for the second day

12:00: Break and refueling

12:30: Continuation of route 2 – Return to the camp

14:30: Dinner

15:30: Departure to Greece