Things to bring with you


Some of the things that will help you organize before you start for your next Camp. The list below includes some must items that will make your weekend easier.

Types of sleep:

The main things you will need for your overnight stay in nature are not but from the tent, the mat and your personal sleeping bag. Also for your best comfort we recommend that you have a camping chair. (optionally your personal utensils: fork, spoon, knife)


Organize your clothing for all possible weather conditions, including rain. Bring an extra set of clothes if you want to change after the first day.


Make sure you include an important element, water. Stay calm, in no case will the places where we organize the Camps have a lack of fountains and springs.


Prefer to have extra snacks during where we will be on the mountain, please have your personal number of food you want.


Consider that a sunscreen, insect repellent and other similar things will keep you in comfort in different conditions.


The helmet is a necessary element and without it you can not follow the rest of the team.

Tubes and tools:

Spare tubes in case you have a contingency, and basic repair tools are a must. If not, you can count on our guides where there may be an extra charge.


Check and organize your bike before you start for the Camp, so that it is in good working order and you are ready for all the successes. It is important not to face from your own naivety a technical issue where the whole group will be burdened.