We know you are good, otherwise you will not be here!

However, read the list below and check which of the following levels corresponds to you. Because mountain biking routes involve different levels of difficulty, we try to deal with a wide range of riders. Here you can find out if the Camp you are interested in is suitable for your current training level.

Consider this scale and we suggest you be honest in your assessment!

Level 1




You ride your bike every week, but most of the time you stay stuck on paved roads. Rarely are you on forest roads or forest trails that are smooth and flat. Your experience in mountain biking is limited.


In terms of endurance, the thought of riding your bike for 30 minutes non-stop is quite appealing. However, when riding on level terrain, you can continue for up to an hour or more, perhaps with short stops.

Level 2




When riding you look for forest roads or even gently sloping tracks, dirt roads. You are not intimidated by the occasional stones in front of you but the steep uphills make it difficult for you and make you lose your balance. You try to find the right combination of gears to slip and when riding you sometimes choose to walk next to your bike.


You mainly do mountain activities at least twice a week. With a few breaks, you can spend about 1 or 2 hours pedaling in a day and you can cover a climb of 250 meters. However, traveling for about 2 hours of mountain biking in two consecutive days requires considerable effort from you.

Level 3




For you, mountain biking includes an off-road ride that includes hilly or mountainous areas. You feel really comfortable on forest roads and you crave the narrow trails that can make your bike dance. You do not even dare when you encounter areas of roots or rocky terrain, as long as they are not wet ..


You spend between 4 and 6 hours a week on a workout that is mostly mountainous. You are able to spend up to 3 or 4 hours a day in the saddle (with a little rest) and a walk that amounts to a total vertical climb of 700 + - meters. You often enjoy the bike ride for two consecutive days.

Level 4

Very Skilled



Making a "leap" is natural for you. Sudden climbing does not scare you and the use of the right gear combination is a thing of the past. You know how to divide your weight in short and difficult ascents and it is a rare occurrence, mainly due to lack of concentration to face equally difficult descent sections that are of course considered appropriate. You are still on the saddle and in areas covered by large, unstable rocks and you feel comfortable in muddy places or, really, almost anywhere that offers something less than the ideal grip.


You record 6 to 10 hours of exercise each week. You do not have much difficulty riding for two or three consecutive days, even if you spend 2-3 hours pedaling on each of these days. You can see the difference between high-intensity effort and you can adjust your pace to the route you have planned and the outdoor conditions of the day (mud, rain, temperature and so on).

Level 5




You are looking for trails covered with obstacles, wandering in rock gardens. You can manage difficult descents, even with a bike that has relatively short suspensions. When you are on a trail you are looking for impatient obstacles and you like to ride on it for a long time. You face steep climbs, having as your only limit your physical strength, as your technical skills are certainly not an obstacle. The difficult parts have a special nature for you and you often ride instead of walking. You are able to properly assess your limits regardless of the circumstances.


Mountain biking for you is mainly an opportunity to practice. You have a clear, well-structured schedule and spend between 11 and 14 hours a week training, sometimes even more. You are able to ride for three consecutive days, 3 hours a day. Even for a ride with an ascent over 1500 meters and you know how to adjust the intensity of your effort based on the route you lead, to reach the finish line.