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Best view near Drama

Walk like a local! From calm XC trails to AM trails. Choose the series of trails, based on your level and enjoy the view offered by the surrounding mountain ranges, the huge rural fields and the diversity of the area. Then we return to the village to enjoy an ice cold beer.


The village of Kallifitos is probably one of the most popular locations of Drama. Apart from the beautiful location and the fascinating vegetation, the nature that surrounds the village does not cease to surprise its visitors. In just a few minutes, one can experience the variety of landscapes – lush forests, open meadows and rocky ridges.

Tour Highlights

3 hours guiding

Level 1/4-5

500m +- altitude

20-25km route distance

Possibility to rent a bike with extra charge*

What is included

complete package

– Certified MTB riders

– After ride Beer!

Equipment needed

Gear you need


• A well maintained Mountain Bike

• MTB clothes adapted to the weather conditions

• Helmet

• Food/Water

• Tire repair set

* It is important to have a well-maintained equipment, you do not want to ruin your vacation.