North Trails

North Area
Lunch Ride
0.5 km   5-10 mins   easy

Welcome to Kalifitos Trail Park. From this trail you will start your adventurous experience.

0.7 km   10-15 mins   beginner

A warm-up trail for riders who want to do their first mileage on mountain biking.

Bird Chirp
1.0 km   15-20 mins   intermediate

Steep descents and fast intensities are the details of this trail.

Green Area
0.3 km   5-10 mins   easy

A beautiful flow without a pedal where the fast parts alternate into more relaxed ones.

Secret Trail
0.3 km   5-10 mins   easy

The continuation of the “Green Area” holding the adrenaline soaring, entering the next stream.

Water Bridge
0.5 km   10-15 mins   easy

Monument trail! It directs you from the water bridge that decorates our area. For the next 500 meters you have in front of you, an uphill trail.

The Beast
0.6 km   15-20 mins   intermediate

Technical passages where improved rider balance is needed.

Ladies Only
0.5 km   5-10 mins   beginner

The easiest and safest trail.

Fun Turns
0.4 km   5-10 mins   easy

A perfect warm-up for the most advanced riders to find their way on the trails of Kalifitos Trail Park.

Wolf Trail – NEW
0.7 km   15-20 mins   intermediate

Moderate, slightly higher in a fairly fast environment with more revs than you were used to.

Old Cobbled Path
3.1 km   20-25 mins   easy

For the next 3 km you will ride uphill –  overlooking Mount Of Falakro.

Kanata Follow
2.9 km   15-20 mins   expert

Unstable trail with steep slopes. Beware of rainy days!

No Stress
2.8 km   35-40 mins  intermediate

Smooth and fast flowing trail that falls from the top of the park to the site, Platanorema.

East Trails

East Area
Be Local
2.4 km   20-30 mins   expert

A climbing trail with a pleasant background.

Rocky Mile
1.4 km   15-20 mins   expert

The hidden jewel of the Kalifitos Trail Park. It will definitely surprise you.

Creek Trail
2.9 km   20-30 mins   beginner

Tall trees, green plane trees and streams on an enjoyable trail, are what you will encounter and will fascinate you.

The Goat
1.4 km   15-20 mins   expert

Extremely steep and technical trail that passes through a stream in a green environment.